This site is dedicated to the memory of Martin Whatley, of Texas, and to those that have fought and/or are fighting this most difficult, misdiagnosed and greatly misunderstood disease.

Photos of our life...and times together...

Taken  6/16/05 Radiation Area - 5 fields

Last day of Radiation 9/14/05

Martin & I   2004

Last day of Chemo 12/15/05

The Martin Whatley "story" to help others with..

Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Hope you and your loved ones NEVER have to deal with it....but if they...or a friend does... read up and learn...because there are many decisions that need to be well thought out.

 Is it "First stage", "Second stage ?" Third ?

 Do you do Surgery, Radiation, then Chemo?

 Do you do Radiation, then Chemo

 Do you do Radiation alone.   

Helpful Sites:

If its in the lymph nodes, you're in the most riskful situation .  Take this very serious !!!! Do not take this cancer lightly.  This is a quick acting, aggressive cancer. Make sure the margins are cleared from the onset. The few studies show that 30% will metastasize. If it does, there is no successful treatment at this time. We sincerely pray that more will be done to study this type of cancer. Martin had gone to the Dermatologist faithfully for years.  In Feb of '05, at one of his biannual trips,  he had what looked like a pimple above his right eyebrow, they lasered it, but it never went away, then in May '05 they biopsied it. Our life was changed forever.

My love of 28 years passed away October 26th, 2006, at just 57 years old. I'm not too happy with all the unanswered questions...why don't the doctors know more? Why didn't dermatologist know more? Why didn't he clear the margins from the beginning ? Why do we do "microscopic cleansing" with "chemo" ...and lower the immune system on a cancer that "thrives" in a low immune system? Why?


God Bless You & Your loved ones...Dana Martin Whatley

512-789-1221 anytime to talk about MCC.


Martin's 1964 Fender Stratocastor

sold on EBay in March of 2007

for $30,299

50% of the proceeds went to reaserch

 at the University of Washintion MCC Research Fund....yea!


6/05/06  Liver Metasis found

6/13/05 Start Chemo again

7/02/06  Back on chemo and fighting

8/03/06 Angel Flights w/daughter Nikki

8/27/06 Orlando trip for a getaway

Martin crossed-over on October 26th, 2006

17 months after his initial diagnosis of Merkel Cell Carcinoma.

Never to be forgotten

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A COPY OF A NOTE TO ME FROM ONE OF THE FEW AMERICAN DOCTORS RESEARCHING THIS DEADLY CANCER. Let's help him find a way to fight MCC, 100% of every dollar given goes to the research, since the college does not charge any overhead.

Dear Dana,

I was so moved to get your voicemail and email about your husband. I am so
sorry to hear his current state and my thoughts are with you both at this
difficult time.

In terms of your kind offer for Merkel cell carcinoma research, here is the
relevant information:

Donations may be made for research on Merkel cell carcinoma in memory of
Martin Whatley. Donations are 100% tax deductible and will be used entirely
to support research on this uncommon but most lethal skin cancer. See for details. Make check payable to

"University of Washington MCC Research"

and send to

Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD
University of Washington Dermatology
815 Mercer St
Seattle, WA 98109

I thank you for your kindness in thinking of others at this difficult time.


Paul Nghiem


Links and Email   If you or someone you love has MCC, join this group of others in kind. It's helpful, informational, and supportive. (Thank you MMC Group members, you were, and are, a big part my late night therapy)

ANGEL FLIGHT SOUTH CENTRAL "The mission of Angel Flight South Central is to help people in need of free air transportation for medical and humanitarian purposes."

Letter to Friends of Martin's crossing over.