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Spicewood Pilots Association is made up of pilots that are based, or own a lot at Spicewood Airport, or fly into the airport often.

Class A = Owns a lot or hangar $500.00/year dues

Class B= Rents hangar or tie-down space $300/yr

Class C = Friends of the Airport $50/yr

Spicewood Airport is a privately owned, public use airport. There are no government or municipal funds that keep it up, we do it ourselves.

Therefore part of the dues from the association supports the airport along with the upkeep of the taxiways.  We regularly mow around all vacant lots and around each hangar.

Community relations are very important, so please



Courtesy thoughts:

1) If it's early in the morning, try doing your run up mid field at the gas pumps.

2) Please try to stay high over the homes on final, and not "drag" it in low and flat.

3) No touch and go's and no night time flight. The field is closed 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise.  If you are running late , please go to Burnet and land.  We many times have a car there for our pilots to use, check about it.